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After speaking with Mark Robinton, Manager, Software Engineering-Strategic Innovation at HID Global, we took away some great key points on this emerging technology:

  • NFC operates in 3 different modes, (1) as a contactless card in order to open a door or gain access to public transportation (2) Reader mode which allows the phone to read an RFID tag enabling interactive advertising, and (3) peer-to-peer mode which allows two phones to talk to one another.
  • The NFC forum is the standards committee that puts together the specifications for the technology. They use ISO standards at a very low level; the challenge is getting the higher level applications to be compatible.
  • NFC technology has been around for about 10 years, but no one outside of South Korea and Japan have been able to find a valuable, cost efficient use for it, until now. It’s being pushed by banks and credit card companies, but the real push will come from value added services like access to public transportation, cars, doors etc.
  • Privacy is an issue, however, it’s more of a perception thing with NFC. All of your information is already out there and accessible by others. In fact, with this technology, you have the ability to turn off access on your phone, as opposed to credit cards that can’t be turned “off”.
  • Mark foresees early adopters having this technology on their smart-phones within the year, but we won’t see average users with NFC for 18-24 months.

Project Update: video in progress!

Posted: April 6, 2011 by dhaigh17 in CCT 506 NFC

Footage of (one) of our NFC experts has been captured and is in the editing process by our video team- Yuan and Siyang!