Survey Research Rational

Research rationale (500 words): How did your investigations inform the design of this survey? What do you hope to investigate/discover through the survey?

This survey is designed to gauge the users’ acceptance of NFC technology, particularly adopting NFC technology for mobile payment. So far as we have investigated during our project, there is a great percentage of no knowledge of NFC technology among potential users. Moreover, security and privacy issues are mostly concerned by potential users which may keep them hesitated to adopt this technology in the near future.   Thus, our online survey sought to explore significant implications and concerns found through research including NFC. The first-hand data can be used in technology development and marketing in order to improve usability experience, formulate practical marketing plan and clarify concerns.

The survey consist 12 questions. The first two asking about age and gender are generally information of our potential users. These two variables can provide us the basic characteristics of the potential users. Hypothetically, our targeting users that will adopt NFC technology are those young to middle-aged male users. To advance our research, we may also consider variables such as education, employment, incomes.   Questions 3 and 4 are designed to investigate users’ habits. Whether users possess mobile phones is essential to our research. Question 5 investigates how well known NFC technology is. Question 6 sought to explore whether how interested the potential users are to adopt NFC technology. Questions 7 to 12 are based on users’ agreement scale. These questions will indicate usability experience and concerns over speed, security, and authentication, as well as acceptance of other usage NFC provided besides mobile payment. We have given usability experience many attentions for several reasons. First our potential users may have used to other mobile payment technology. Usability experience is crucial here to make them willing to switch their habits. Secondly, our previous research has found that many users do not understand how this technology works, which may affect their choice over adopting NFC technology.  Thirdly, as our expert has pointed out, the “near” part of NFC technology could greatly protect users’ security. Unless users come to acknowledge the application usability of NFC, their concerns over security and privacy will not reduced.

Hopefully, our survey will target our most potential users and their characteristics. We will have knowledge of what users most concern about this technology. Moreover, we can see through users’ habit to improve usability of NFC technology in the further technology and application development. To advance our research, we could develop this survey to cover more details of the basic information of users to describe precisely who our potential users are. We may also consider more face-to-face interviews and focus group where we could provide NFC enabled mobile phones to see usability experience of NFC technology. We could also ask potential users to compare their experience using NFC, blue tooth, wifi, and QR code in order to make our technology stand out among all these technologies.


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