Initial Video Storyboard


1.     Title fades in- “NFC Technology”

2.     Reveal NFC technology in general

Shooting Scale: Close up

3.     Interview potential user 1#

Shooting Scale: Medium Shot

4.     Interview potential user 2#

Shooting Scale: Medium Shot

5.     Interview potential user 3#

Shooting Scale: Medium Shot

6.     Interview potential user 4#

Shooting Scale: Medium Shot

7.     Interview technician/expert 1# in responding to  potential users’ interviews

Shooting Scale: Close shot

8.     Expert 1# voice-over

A hand holds a mobile phone to show specific function of NFC.

Shooting Scale: Close up

9.     Interview technician/expert 2# to explain this technology in advance

Shooting Scale: Close Shot

10.  Expert 2# voice-over

A scene show a problem or concern of NFC technology

Shooting Scale: Medium shot

11.   Interview technician/expert 3#

Shooting Scale: Close Shot

12.  Show some other details of NFC.

Shooting Scale: Close up

13.  Caption fades in


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