Application of Technical Skills

Application of technical skills (250 words): What are the weaknesses of your video? How does your video balance previous group knowledge with the available resources and the constraints of the project (Project timeline, group dynamics, etc.)? What might you do differently in the future?

In the process of video making, we encountered many difficulties. Since we are not familiar with the equipments of video shooting, the quality of video is not as perfect as we have planned. At the first time we shot the video, since we were not familiar with the equipment we borrowed from library, we made some mistakes and thus the video had only image but no sounds. Moreover, the part of interview via Skype though is interesting and excellent, we failed to make the voice more clear and the image more vivid as we had expected when editing.

Before we made the video, our NFC had already had a specific plan and schedule of the video work. Our group member interviewed experts via Skype or face to face. Based on the transcripts of the interviews, we designed the questions that would be asked to the potential users. But to our surprise, after introduced the background knowledge of NFC technology, the potential users showed us their concerns on the potential risks of privacy. And thus, we adjusted the structure of our video, and paid more attention on the standards, essays, and future applications about privacy protecting.

In the future, we will pay more attention on the ideas of users, since this process of video shoot equipped us with the concept that the modern market is already an user-guide market. Moreover, in the next time, we will practice using the equipments before shooting the video, examine them before filming, and do a better preparation.


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