NFC Impact

Industry-Wide Impact

NFC’s immediate and future impact is incredibly wide-ranging.  From the user-end, NFC adoption could provide a mobile wallet, “potentially eliminating the need to carry cash, credit and debit cards, reward cards and transit passes” (Efrati and Robin Sidel).  As NFC offers a highly interactive, personalized and informational experience with marketing materials as well as both personal and mobile shopping experiences, the technology has and will lead to a changing relationship between users communicating with brands and businesses.  While NFC solutions are constantly evolving, introduced to market, and the subject of new research, we have learned from out research NFC applications have started to make an impact across diverse fields from health care to education.  Similar to mobile advertising and mobile locations services currently under scrutiny, NFC has the potential to raise privacy concerns (Efrati and Robin Sidel) as the technology has the potential to collect a wide-range of consumer-behavior data, including financial and location-based information.

With a “combination of integration of low-power short-range RF circuits, low-power memory, careful software design, good standards for interface specifications, and ergonomic designs”,  we believe NFC widespread global adoption, specifically within mobile devices, is possible, if not eminent (Fischer 27).  Alongside its many uses, near field technology will potentially dramatically impact standard regulations for evolving technologies, security and privacy social and political concerns, and provides a unique, omnipresent tool for research on human behavior.  While we have reviewed case studies of increased adoption, specifically in Europe, since we commenced our research project, we have already begun to see an increase in the number of US corporations who have or are planning to provide NFC devices or solutions, including: device manufactures (Google and predicted in forthcoming Apple models), mobile operators (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile), and financial services (Discover Financial Services, MasterCard, Visa, Citigroup)(Efratie and Sidel; Raice; Rooney).  As these NFC applications serve to impact each of us in unique ways, we believe it is vital to both understand the basic technological functions of NFC while also understanding its contextual implications on an evolving basis.  To aid in this discovery, please visit our blog as well as the condensed list of significant NFC resources below for future research:

Far from comprehensive, we hope this guide, along with our research and online presence, will serve as a starting point for continued research and exploration surrounding NFC, specifically potential niche applications which will serve to strengthen multiple vital functions in an array of significant fields (health care, educations, government, etc.) as well as the technology’s discussed implications, especially surrounding privacy, security, and consumer behavior data collection, in conjunction with future research, discussion, and suggested methods for increased adoption and development to steer the potential impact of NFC technologies in positive directions.


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