NFC in the news

RIM Debuts First NFC Phones- Blackberry Bold 9900 and 9930

Is NFC too Slow?

1 in 5 Smartphones will have NFC by 2014

Five mobile payment lessons from CTIA

Apple Aims To Take NFC Mainstream; Perhaps The Greatest Trick They’ve Ever Pulled?

Apple’s Newest iPhones and iPads Will Function Like Credit Cards

Nobody Puts Steve Jobs’s Mobile Payment System in the Corner

Google Is Said to Test Mobile-Payment System With VeriFone

NFC News

NFC Insight- Payments, Europe

NFC World- NFC enabled phones

  1. azmcsbl says:

    Another article just published today –

    A key part to read is on the first page, which explains the differences of RFID and NFC, and benefits of NFC. The second page gets into some more negative info (i.e. criticisms/risks) about NFC, so this can inform how it evolves in the future…

  2. azmcsbl says:

    Interesting update on the Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council’s agenda for 2011 – NFC is one of the priority topics!

    They have a unique approach in that they plan to investigate how implementing NFC will impact transit systems (sounds vaguely like Marshall McLuhan’s tetrad and the impacts of “disruptive technology”).

  3. azmcsbl says:

    Pretty basic info on smartcards and cybersecurity, but interesting slideshow with a policy perspective:

  4. dhaigh17 says:

    Another article that just came out re: NFC-

    Why does NFC matter? Is the technology valuable enough to get people to switch over from credit cards? Yes!

  5. azmcsbl says:

    NFC is traditionally defined as within 10cm, but this article provides an interesting innovation for near(ish) field comm’s – media sharing between devices within 1000ft. It seems to run off of wi-fi, so is obviously a bit outside of the scope of our project, but it does bring up some issues that are related to NFC (privacy, security, IP…)

  6. azmcsbl says:

    Google already introduced NFC on their Android; it has been reported that Apple is integrating NFC capabilities into the iPhone, and now Microsoft is joining in on the NFC trend too!

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