Application of Technical Skills

Application of technical skills (250 words): What are the benefits of your design? What are its limitations? Why did you choose these particular resources, and how did you assemble them together? How does your design balance your previous knowledge with the available resources and the constraints of the project (project timeline, group dynamics, etc.)

As we mentioned in our design justification, we found the combination of a blog and a twitter account the most effective way to comprehensively cover the topic of Near Field Communication. Through these tools we have been able to update our readers and each other on project updates, NFC current events and share our many project deliverables. We found WordPress the best blogging platform of the few we tried (blogger, tumblr) due to its ease of use, numerous themes to choose from, as well as its extensive functionality. Although we found some limitations with the blog design (i.e. initial themes we applied didn’t offer drop down menus, our current theme doesn’t have a customizable header or menu option) the theme we landed on for our final design was a perfect combination of the functions we were looking for as well as a fun, eye-catching color and design scheme that paired well with the concept of an emerging, fascinating technology. It allows users to easily navigate around the blog, return to the Home page and always have access to the menu, recent comments and tweets, and our welcome message. We chose to start our own twitter feed because of how well it fit in with the goals of our online presence. Through Twitter we can efficiently stay up-to-date with all that is going on in the extensive world of NFC by following organizations and news sources that are directly involved with the technology. Twitter allows us to re-tweet information to our followers (and thus to our blog) and keep our followers and each other up to date with project updates and events taking place; such as our poster presentation.



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