Our Team-Our Responsibilities-Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy:

Team NFC had a great time working together to unpack Near Field Communication throughout the semester. We were happy to find out that not only could we easily split up the work evenly by our interests and our talents, but we also found that we work really well together in a group. Each of us were able to successfully execute our independent responsibilities while receiving support from every person in the group when needed. We mainly communicated via email, sharing documents, updates and questions while meeting a few times throughout the term to hammer out details, practice our presentation and film our video. This was an ideal set-up for us as we found our schedules did not match up well, so physical meet-ups would be more challenging, while virtual communication was much more efficient. We are very proud of our end product and hope you enjoy it as well!

Our Research Approach:

Acknowledging the disruptive power of near field technology, our goal as a research group was to further understand the implications of near field communication to not only the end-user, but also to the expanding ecosystem of NFC providers and NFC-enabled services (see fig. 3).   By examining the social and techno-political significance of the technology, our research has been geared to predict possible implications in the increased adoption of NFC, including the immediate users, manufactures, and service providers, as well as the significance of NFC as an evolving technology, a business enabler, and a case-study in consumer privacy, security, standards and interoperability.  Our research methods included an effort to deeply understand the basic components of the technology as well as its applications through interviews with highly specified experts in the field as well as larger-context expert interviews (https://cct506nfc.wordpress.com/storyboard-and-video/), to build-upon questions and trends forming from extensive academic and industry published research and case-study reviews.  As an evolving technology, our team also sought to become NFC experts by absorbing real-time NFC news via online media journals, technology blogs, and social media platforms such as Twitter.  Our hope is to provide unique and insightful research, beyond the media-hype and relatable to the average user, and to provide this through our online presence (https://cct506nfc.wordpress.com/) in real-time as the significance of NFC continues to evolve and as we continue to expand our research.  The components of our research have included, but are not limited to:

  • Video: Through our research and interviews of potential users we discovered two prominent, alarming trends: generally, there is little to no knowledge of NFC as an existing technology amongst the general public and there is also a threatening perception of the inability to provide secure transactions both through the mobile phone and in case of theft.  As such, our goal for the video was to provide a format, including a series of interviews of potential NFC users, to expose these concerns while also providing expert opinion in response. 
  • Poster: As our research progressed, we became increasingly aware as a team of the large scope of players both involved in making NFC possible to the NFC user, in the adoption and development of future applications, as well as the possible wide-ranging impacts to our culture at –large.  Therefore, our poster aims at the significant task of outlining these overarching implications and to provide a top-level over view to such an immense project as NFC.  Combined with our brochure, these elements of our research project provide value to both the average potential user, who may have little previous knowledge of the technology, as well as more advanced experts in the field who seek to explore contextual NFC implications.
  • Survey: Our online survey sought to explore significant implications and concerns found through research including NFC: adoption, application usability, previous knowledge, security & privacy perceptions, and more.  Through the varied question/answer format, the potential collection of these survey would provide both a specific data-set (i.e.- demographics, technology use) as well as opinion trends  through the use of possible answers ranging from “I absolutely agree” to “I absolutely disagree”. 
  • Online Presence:  Through our blog, our team’s research and daily updates are accessible globally and in real-time while also providing additional methods to follow a rapidly advancing technology (RSS, Twitter).  Readers are able to access top-level information and summaries quickly and easily while our team also provides the context of research aims and deep level information for those who wish to explore NFC further (as we believe they should!). 
  • Interviews: Our interview process included over five potential NFC users chosen at random.  In an effort to capture, and answer, NFC related concerns and implications these interviews included a wide-range of students and professionals from multiple fields, all applicable to NFC, including telecommunications, education, consulting, finance, and more.  As video is an easily viewed and shareable medium, we felt this component would best be used to answer these common concerns through an interlace of NFC expert opinion and in a relatable fashion.  Our aim here is to dissolve some of the common myths surrounding NFC while also providing non-biased expert insight. 

Our Team & Our Responsibilities:

Danielle Haigh

Primary Responsibility:

Online Content and Publicity: Responsible for online presence, blog updates, and annotated project bibliography. Collects, posts, and disseminates information for group members.

  • Primary Deliverable: Online Presence w/ Annotated Bibliography
  • Oversees: web design and testing, survey design, publicity design.

Secondary Responsibility: Interview(s) and transcription

Alexandra Landegger

Primary Responsibility:

  1. Designer:Responsible for the design and production of the large-format technical poster. Coordinates a consistent look and feel for project materials.
    • Primary Deliverable: Technical Poster.
    • Oversees: publicity design, web design, presentation and report design

Secondary Responsibility: Oral Presentation

Yuan Li

Primary Responsibility:

Media Production: Responsible for the capture and editing of high quality video and audio. Plans video production and manages production team.

  • Primary Deliverable: Video
  • Oversees: video log and releases, interview transcription

Secondary Responsibility:Design of Publicity Materials

Jessica Steele

Primary Responsibility:

Research and Coordination: Responsible for the overall research agenda and the final written report. Coordinates project timeline and manages project goals.

  • Primary Deliverable: Written Report
  • Oversees: oral presentation, interview planning, survey

Secondary Responsibility:Web Design and Web Testing

Siyang Wu

Primary Responsibility:

Media Production: Responsible for the capture and editing of high quality video and audio. Plans video production and manages production team.

  • Primary Deliverable: Video
  • Oversees: video log and releases, interview transcription

Secondary Responsibility:Survey Design


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