PROJECT UPDATE: Bibliographic Review

Posted: March 30, 2011 by dhaigh17 in CCT 506 NFC

Danielle Haigh

Bibliographic review:

Google and Apple looking to introduce NFC capable Smartphones

Yoni Heisler 11/18/2010

There are reports coming from both Apple and Google’s camps that Near Field Communication is being tested out in both companies’ futures respective smartphones. According to Heisler’s report, Apple is planning to have NFC technology in the iPhone 5 and has been testing their prototypes with built-in RFID readers for quite some time. This NFC technology will enable users to utilize their phone’s NFC technology to use apps that will act as an “e-ticket” to enter concert venues and purchase products within the event as well as access certain media. In addition to this, NFC technology in the iPhone will allow users to carry all of their data from their home computer, to remote machines in order to access their own information from anywhere. Once the user is finished and out of range, the “host” computer returns to its initial status.


Hoping to beat Apple to the punch with NFC technology is Google. Google’s CEO Eric Shmidt took to the stage at the Web 2.0 Summit to demonstrate their new Android’s NFC capabilities. This technology will allow users to make purchases by simply waving their phone over a sensor. Google is expecting to launch this in the next few weeks (as of 11/18/2010). Although Google is very optimistic about this timetable, the article notes that there are still issues that need to be worked out. Specifically, credit card companies need to comply and buy-in to this system, the security of this technology has to be addressed. How the public will react and receive these new capabilities is another issue that is being looked at.


This article is a good example of one of the reasons we chose to explore NFC technology for our project. This emerging technology is expected to impact our lives in the very near future and huge companies are very clearly investing in it. Google and Apple are fighting for first entry into this market and we imagine it won’t stop here. This is just the beginning of this technology and as this article states; Near Field Communication might soon become a household term”

Heisler, Yoni. “Google and Apple Looking to Introduce NFC Capable Smartphones”. Network World. 18 Nov. 2010



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