PROJECT UPDATE: Bibliographic Review

Posted: March 30, 2011 by dhaigh17 in CCT 506 NFC

Alexandra Landegger

“Info Center.” BrightCard, 2008. 30 March 2011.

Near field communications, although an interesting technology by itself, must be studied in terms of its integrations with other technologies. This marriage into one device s can enable an entirely new range of commercial applications. BrightCard, a Maryland-based RFID vendor, has been leading a trend to merge radio frequency identification (RFID) with near field communications (NFC) technologies to create a secure and convenient application of the two technologies.

BrightCard’s Info Center includes a great deal of information (white papers, videos, background information, spec sheets) on NFC technologies, which could be useful to our project. This source details the history of NFC development, and opens the “black box” of NFC technology by explaining and illustrating how multiple applications work. The site includes white papers detailing how to integrate RFID and NFC for peer to peer data sharing, secure payments, retrieving marketing information (direct cyber-marketing), and providing smart-card-like cybersecurity. Based on these capabilities, the site proposes multiple market applications for NFC/RFID devices. This is important to our research as we investigate how NFC technology may continue to evolve. BrightCard also examines the ISO standards related to these technologies, which highlights a potentially interesting research option for us to pursue in the future. Additionally, BrightCard partners with a number of similar technology firms to optimize its market attractiveness, so the links to these companies may provide additionally useful information.

To arrive at a maximally comprehensive approach to our project, it is good to include this type of research, as it shows a distinct perspective from the industry/news/academic/others we have looked at–BrightCard is a vendor trying to give value to its innovation by applying technology to a broad range of industries and market needs. To supplement the bias of including one vendor, it may be worth looking into the white papers, spec sheets, and press releases of competing companies.

Also, it is important to note that BrightCard’s website is somewhat outdated (2008). However, between professional contact with the company, searching news sources, and further investigation of their technology partners, we will be able to access more updated information as needed.


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